07 January 2008

Mmmm.... Haiku

divine fried masa
angelita gordita
más pupusas please

In North Logan, an unassuming new eatery has quietly lit its ovens and opened its arms.
La Pupuseria El Salvador had an effect on me not unlike that of the Berlin Airlift upon the impoverished and downtrodden West Berliners. In the midst of a dreary December, a bean filled mirth entered my soul as the elusive aroma consumed my deprived senses. A large handful of dough lovingly embraces a soul of beans, cheese and chicharon. Each pupusa is flattend and pan fried until it glistens with pride. Each is careful adorned with a mild chile sauce and blanketed with a vinegar-cabbage relish. This Salvadoranian sensation presents a delightful bouquet of Latin euphoria. With frequency my heart is called back within its comforting walls.


Suzanne said...

It just makes me hungry. I need one of those, whatever they are.

Awright13 said...

Huh. I'm thinking I might have to go back to Utah just for that...oh, and to say hi. But it makes it even sweeter to be in the holy land with something that pleasurable on my plate.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

Mexican is good but apparently Salvadoranian is better.

Laverna said...

There's a Latin market that Dan and his dad introduced me to. It's on Redwood Road and just south of I-80. If you're looking to cook anything latino/mexican, you'll find all your ingredients there. They've also got two delis, if you're not wanting to cook.
It was really funny when we went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We were the only white people there.
The food? Fantastic.