29 June 2006

Tared and Feathered...This time it's melon.

Ah summer in Logan. Scenic mountain vistas random guys walking into my apartment, losing a gallon of milk in my house the day after I buy it. It's like something right out of Mr. Belvedere. Except instead of a portly butler providing comic relief, I am my own butler. Instead of a cheery family, a pile of laundry, and instead of a lucrative TV contract, not a lucrative TV contract. In an effort to displace the aroma of my dinner of Mac & Cheese I lit my newly acquired honey do melon scented candle. Inorder to permit the wax to flow away from the wicks, I held the giant candle in my hands. Carefully, I manuvered the wax down the molten channels. Suddenly a shrill cry pierced the air as searing candle wax ran up my arm, obviously determined to strike me in the heart, or possibly elbow. With the highly toned skill of an unskilled ninja, I thrust my smoldering appendage in the cold water cascading from my kitchen faucet. End of Part I

01 June 2006

"I'M A REAL BOOOOoooooyyyyy!!!!!"

Well folks, after a month of diligent searching, calling, networking, internetting, pontificating, recreating, yodeling, emboldening, but never ebriating, I have struck a deal. It turns out that some sucker is willing to give me dollar bills money...in American currency! That's right I am employed. Now to answer any FAQ in embyro I will not be working as a tinker, a cobbler, a cooper or a haberdasher. On the contrary, I will be working as a sort of 3-in-1 swiss-many-jobs-dealy-guy. My employer is worldwide Commercial Real Estate Tycoonery, NAI. Here is where the true adventure begins: I must move to a place with a Login name...or rather, a Logan name. In an attempt to maintain ties and remove flies I will be vigilante in my bloggish ways for those that want to keep a close eye on the perilous (and hopefully lucrative) Cache County Collage of Carefully Collected Conflagration of Craziness.
And if all goes well...........................................