04 October 2006

If Logan, I gan too!

After my unintentional sabatical to blogatory (where the unblogtized are damned by their mediocrity) I have returned. Without the guidance of Virgil I have ventured through at least several circles. My long absence has perhaps alienated me from my readers, which is unfortunate. However, regardless of visits, my blog has been resesitated and has been released from urgent care. I will be the personal steward of this blog to insure its full recovery and future health. If for no other reason, it is cathartic.

Now to the bread. Going through the poverty of being a college student, I acquired certain habits. Like many of the inpoverished, I did/do my best to be frugalish. Marshmellow Maties became my soul maties. Milk crates became book shelves. Stop. ........Intermission.........My integrity prevents me from ever buying crap bread. Being such a staple, I feel it is important to get a good bread. In fact I have been going steady with a specific brand for a couple of years. Its name will be changed to protect its identity. I would hate for the following gripe to prevent anybody from endulging in its grainy goodness. ~ One unremarkable afternoon I was merely repeating the daily custom to which I had settled. My hour respite from the labors of my occupation had subsided in a sufficient fashion as to permit me to return to my flat for supper. Daily this action occured during the period of my day set aside for lunch. Sandwich and stringcheese and yogurt and ritz. With anticipation I pealed the heal, which I reserved for a special treat to be consumed indepently, only to be filled with cold shivers. A gapeing cavity, nary a bit less girthy than a corpulent child's fist. Though I felt that the very claws of a culinary hell had ripped out the soul of my sandwich, I did not relent. It vexed me so, but I would not allow it the satisfaction of depriving me of a well earned meal. Though each meal met me with hemoraging jelly and mustard, I finished the hole loaf.