20 January 2008

The Moon & Mantequilla

Welcome everyone to the long anticipated debut of the Baker Butter Collection.  This inspired piece was wrought from the well fed furnaces of imagination that continually burn inside of the artist.  Produced in charcoal and watercolour; The Moon & Mantequilla is an essential addition to any art lover's collection.  Limited Edition Prints are available upon request.  For the the artist's convenience please include a self addressed, stamped envelope as well as the print number.

07 January 2008

Mmmm.... Haiku

divine fried masa
angelita gordita
más pupusas please

In North Logan, an unassuming new eatery has quietly lit its ovens and opened its arms.
La Pupuseria El Salvador had an effect on me not unlike that of the Berlin Airlift upon the impoverished and downtrodden West Berliners. In the midst of a dreary December, a bean filled mirth entered my soul as the elusive aroma consumed my deprived senses. A large handful of dough lovingly embraces a soul of beans, cheese and chicharon. Each pupusa is flattend and pan fried until it glistens with pride. Each is careful adorned with a mild chile sauce and blanketed with a vinegar-cabbage relish. This Salvadoranian sensation presents a delightful bouquet of Latin euphoria. With frequency my heart is called back within its comforting walls.

The Sideburns That Won The War...or at least participated in one

Through the marvels of modern science, I have been able to provide you with this picture of Ambrose Burnsides.

Hey! I think he still owes me 20 bucks!