29 May 2008


As I was returning from the mail room to my office, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, an unusually well coiffed individual. A split second flashback placed me in the Hart Building on the campus of BYU-Idaho in 2004. President Bednar, or Dave (as I affectionately referred to him) was giving one of his frequent devotionals as the church appointed steward of that college in Rexburg. What initially caught my attention then was the same that made me do a double-take today. It was for him that I coined the term "Bishop Hair". Hair so perfectly combed that from birth it has obeyed every whim of the brush. Thick folliage that is completly, and evenly distributed throughout every hecthair of his scalp. Not one out of place. It was this same geneticly engineered headdress that found itself waiting by my side for the elevator. Having never found myself face-to-face alone with an apostle of the most High God, I was unsure what to say. Luckily my mouth didn't encounter the same quandry. My mouth gave a boisterous "howdy!" before I had a chance to think. I said howdy to Dave by the elevator. Luckily apostles aren't power mad attention demanding types. He knows who he is, I don't need to remind him. I would like to think that God himself would react to a heart felt "howdy" just as cordially as Elder Bednar did.