21 March 2008


Porkchops, T-bones, Pot Roast, Bacon, Cornish Game Hens, Carne Asada...... Ah the meat group. How I love thee. What better way to reward yourself for being the top of the food chain than by eating other animals. But whoa unto such that consume naught but the tasty meats. There is a condition, a debilitating disease that I have dubbed: Meatabetes. It is the physical manifestation of the most savory degree of culinary hedonism. A slippery slope that can easily avoided, but once began will lead you to total paralyis. If one indulges to eat nothing but meat, pounds and pounds of meat, his very blood will turn to gravy. His entire organism enters into a sort of meat coma. One in which all but the most essential of life support functions ceases for hours. If this attitude becomes chronic in nature, the result is.......Meatabetes

Which reminds me. I better go check on the porkchops.