27 January 2006

The names are made up but the problems are real...

While playfully pondering the present plan to pursue pleasant paradise post-hast past Reno, I became intrigued by the mystery of *Dun dun DUN!* Three Fingered Tony. This picture is Al Capone, he is not Tony, but he is a gangster. Legend goes that back in the 20's and 30's hundred of mafia victims were dropped into the deep dark waters of Tahoe. They say the deep water and cold temperature have prevented the bodies from float to the top and even preserved them. creepy eh? I say Tahoe or Bust! Roadtripapalooza 2006!

21 January 2006

Awesome is the Natural enemy of the beaver...I mean of stuff that is lame

Well gang, seeing that we are both cool and also, not beavers I think it is imperative that we create something to inform the world of our humble coolness. For example a bowling team with a clever name like "not beavers" or our own magazine pyramid scam. After all, you're not cool unless a sizeable portion of all your profits goes to me. Or...here is the good one... Road Trippallooza '06! That's right friends, spring break gives us the blessed opportunity to pool our resources and resource our pools. Maybe this pic will inspire an unprecidented string of uninterupted amesome ideas. I am thinking San Fran... or Grand Cany(on) or Michi gan... catamaran... dental plan?

12 January 2006

Salt Lake is boring...like being on fire

True or False: Why are people so friggin' crazy?
see bottom for answer
Thanks to the inheriant poverty and desperation of college life, of which I am a willing participant, I have spent some time as an indentured servant to a certain unnamed, "famous" store where "footwear" is sold. For legal reasons, this shoestore chose to remain annonymous and have it's voice discised like in those in the old Frosted Flakes comercials....moving right along...
Soufleé waxes philosophical:
In the spanish language, nouns have gender. ie silla(chair) is a chic. The adjectives describing the noun must match the gender where applicable. The same is true with people men have masculine adjectives to describe them. If two flamers are talking in spanish, do they use an adjective that suits their God-given genetics? or does their limp-wristed dispostion take priority? A shoe store sure does make a guy think.

answer from quiz: true, some people are crazybecause it entertains(like homeless people) others are crazy because all the sane jobs were taken.

08 January 2006

Greeting Etiquite

When Greeting Etiquite it is important to keep in mind what sort of relationship you have with Etiquite. Is a mere smile and shake of Etiquite's hand sufficient or is a European kiss on the cheek expected............And now my point(at least if I had one this would be it). At what point(see I knew I had a point) does a seasonal greeting lose its effectiveness? Friday at the shoe store of my employ, I was wished a Happy New Year. Isn't it a bit late for that? I mean, I have already a full week to screw up the year. I liken it to a man that inquires of a woman's pregnancy when he full well knows that she had a baby last week. I guess I'll let it slide...this time.

04 January 2006

The "cool" guy and the mischievous Maverick

As a gesture of pure magnamimity, I will bestow all of you, my dear readers, with some council on this, the last pre-spring semester Wednesday of 2006. (how quickly they come and vanish into the night)
In highschool a group of my friends and I devised a labeling system to describe those who were well aware of their own coolness. Once you had reached the pinacle of your self-decribed and advertisted coolness, we would sarcasticly refer to you as "CG" and then we would follow you around doing a very odd ogre-like gesture. Think a more different version of the chicken dance of Arrested Development fame. I guess it was a little childish, but then again, so was highschool. Oh yeah, the warning...I was going to share an amusing ancedote about how I was refueling my rig at a Maverick Country Store that I frequent. While washing my bug ridden windshield, I was overcome with uneasiness and panic at the sound of a torrent of liquid spewing profusely from my vehicle. I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. By that I mean I went to investigate the source of the fluidic sound of chaos only to find that my gas tank had overflown. The auto-shut off(the gas pump, not my auto) had malfunctioned(not unlike when Satan makes us malfunction) and regular unleaded was cascading down my vehicle into a flamable pool on the ground. Its rather unfortunate that I don't have the time to share that anecdote with you. Your loss.

02 January 2006

01 January 2006

The Cosmic Battle of the butterfly of summer and the brute of winter

This is what happens when you don't have a digital camera, an analog camera of any worth, or really dexterous fingers and an etch-a-sketch. Halloween 2004 Posted by Picasa
This is what happens when you don't have a digital camera, a analog camera of any worth, or really dexterous fingers and an etch-a-sketch. Halloween 2004 Posted by Picasa