28 April 2006

A pology.

Well folks, as I am sure that at least I noticed, I was not present at the location of the thing that happened on the appointed choir day. It may, or may not have mattered. The point here is that the period of time that fell between Wednsday and Thursday at 4:00pm was rubish. As my dayplanner tattoo would state, I graduate in exactly one week. This year they have added a graduation requirement of passing all of one's classes. For the past month I have been feverishly working in sometimes hellish circumstances to acomplish this great goal. Not completley unlike the thousands overwhelmed by malaria while digging the Panama canal. I have been so consumed with projects and tests and homework that the Great and Terrible paper of 'ought-six was postponed nearly to my own personal death, or not graduating and recycling my roomates Mtn. Dew cans to pay the rent. Thursday at 4:00 I was to turn in a 15 page research paper. As of Wednsday at 1:00pm I had not so much as done the requisite research. I papered like the dickens over the next 26ish hours, LIKE THE VERY DICKENS. From 2:00pm-1:00am on Weds. and again 7:30am-3:30pm on Thurday. I raced up to the Campus and delivered the object of loathe to my Professor's cubby within minutes of its due time. My brains feel like they got dragged behind a dragster across lava filled with shards of explosive glass.