23 March 2006

This post is brought to you by a seed of thought planted into my brain after reading T.R.'s post.

At similar times in my life I have contemplated the lucrative potential of selling my body. However, such thoughts last about as long as I can balance a wad of paper in the campfire. Plus the idea of stabbing myself for money seems a little childish. I would rather drink a glass of rancid hotdog water.(about that...) There is always recycling. I try and recycle money by taking it back from the cashier after I buy something. It is a fun little game where I smile and hand the nice lady in the fun vest my dollar. The twist comes when I get nervious and snatch it back. Sure, I've never actually been able to "buy" anything this way, but I have preserved my dollar...but I digress...I will never need to employ such a cunning strategy of fiscal preservation because I will soon graduate. At which point I hope to have a "real job".