16 February 2008

Things Are Looking Up

That's right folks.  You heard it here first.  Or at least read it here eventually.  After taking a monumental leap of faith, without looking what I would land on, celestial bounty has graced me amply.  I quit my job in Logan without so much as a good plan, other than leaving Logan.  I then drove from the Land of 10,000 Lakes to the City of Roses and back to utah in a cross country adventure.  While in Portland I received a call and a job offer.  In November I interviewed for a position with the LDS Church.  After weeks of calling and asking and waiting and hoping I had given up. Out of the blue, or rather partial cloudy skies of the Tulatin Valley a long awaited miracle found me and resuscitate my rotting disposition.  Last Monday I began working as a GIS Technician for the LDS Church.  Better job, better pay, better friends. better food, better weather.  Better Good.